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Electronic Cigarette

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

The Electronic Cigarette is an electronic device, that resembles a cigarette, but uses battery power, not fire, to operate.

This allows the smoker to smoke in public places, even where smoking is prohibited, as the electronic cigarette won’t set off smoke or fire alarms.

Cigarettes contain many dangerous chemicals, such as Hydrogen Cyanide and Carbon Monoxide, many of them directly related to cancer.

The electronic cigarette does not use tobacco, but has a cartridge containing nicotine, available in different strengths, allowing the smoker to gradually cut down their nicotine intake and quit smoking altogether.

Electronic Cigarette, Safe, Fashionable, Healthy

Electronic Cigarette, Safe, Fashionable, Healthy

How does it work?

The Electronic Cigarette works in the following way:

  • The user inhales on the electronic cigarette from the mouthpiece, this activates the atomizer to heat up.
  • The atomizer heats the liquid nicotine in the cartridge into a vapour .
  • The user inhales the vapour.
  • At the same to a water based vapour is released to resemble ‘smoke’.
  • This ‘smoke’ has no health risk to its user or other people.
Parts of electric cigarette

Parts of electric cigarette

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